Leen S. Coaching

Live an Orgasmic Life Filled With Pleasure & Joy

Live an Orgasmic Life Filled With Pleasure Joy


Join the Majestic Journey and Crown Yourself
with Erotic Empowerment

Join the Majestic Journey and Crown Yourself with Erotic


Get ready for real transformation through a 1:1 process


Learn to enjoy your pleasure. Choose from 3 different programs.


Experience energetic flows through Yoga and ecstatic dance.
"What a profound healing and intense journey I made together with Leen. I feel like my life has only just begun. Leen made me land. Out of my head and into my body. In my feeling. In my sexuality. She guided me with such wisdom and feminine gentleness. She has awakened a sexual power in me. She paved the way for my sexual life energy to flow instead of holding back. I feel more alive and powerful than ever. I feel at home in my deep, deep feminine being. And this is just the beginning of the journey. This is something I will continue to reap the benefits of for the rest of my life. My energy has increased so much and I learned to trust my intuition even more deeply. Thank you dear Leen. You inspired me, very lovingly set me on the road and made me take the right actions that I would otherwise never or too late take. And also thank you to myself. That I found the courage to embark on this journey. Eternally grateful for this!"
"Leen, what we've done is the best gift anyone could give me and I know... this is just the beginning. Now I can say that I am an emissary of Eros. I have never felt so free, never in such states of being. Your work is really a blast within me, wham!"
"I'm not exaggerating when I say that my life is divided into a pre-Leen and post-Leen era. There was some doubt before I started, but Leen was quite convinced that she was exactly who I needed and that she was more than worth the investment… And she was right! I could never have estimated in advance what an enormous impact this process would have on me. I have to admit: I was in it for the full body orgasms… and it worked (hooray!) 😀 But it was also so much more profound: layer by layer you get to know yourself to the core. Thanks to Leen I feel safe in my own body today and I am well on my way to true self-love. And if I ever have the money, I'll give this to everyone I love!"​
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