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21 days to supercharge your confidence and expand your orgasmic potential.

It is time to shift into an “oh yeah life is good modus!”

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Body Love - Leen S
Pussy Power - Leen S


You are not alone, the women who have said yes are REAL WOmen with real results .
Leen S - Sublime Life Coaching Erotic Boos!

Do you recognise yourself?

• You are feeling disconnected from your body.

• You feel you are rushing through life, feeling tired and depleted because of everything you should be doing and never are doing well enough

• Your life feels monotonous, it lacks joy, you feel life is a struggle.

• You have an ok sex life but you often want to get it over with, not fully enjoying and being stuck in your head.

• Some of your relationships have left you heartbroken and you still carry that inside of you.

• Your role as a mother has completely taken over your life, you have almost forgotten that you are also a woman with desires but it is really hard to prioritize them.

• You are a people pleaser, you have difficulties saying “no” and you lack self-confidence.

• You have body insecurities, when you look at yourself there is a lot of negative talk, you don’t really know your body’s incredible pleasure potential.

You are not alone !

Most women feel this way because they are disconnected from their sexuality.

They have been experiencing their sexuality for their partner, offering it, being worried about their pleasure and satisfaction rather than their own.

They have shut down their own erotic aliveness because of well… the pressures from life!

This is problematic.

Because what happens when a woman doesn’t prioritize her own pleasure and body connection is that she becomes depleted and down.

She is giving and giving without filling up her own cup first.

That can lead to burnout and a joyless life.

Let’s not do that anymore.


You connect to deep self- love and a feeling of appreciation and even awe of yourself as a woman

• Instead of pleasing you feel assured in saying NO and in turn, people respect you more, which will transform your relationships.

• You feel lush and wonderful in your own skin,

Pleasure becomes your daily medicine, your daily fuel, your secret life hack.

What is more important than feeling good and feeling radiant every day?

So let’s get you Erotically Boosted.

Life only begins when you truly connect to your body.
To your pleasure
To your pussy power.

There is no limit to goodness.
There is no limit to orgasms.
There is no limit to joyfulness.

In Erotic Boost, this self-paced course, you will learn how to flirt with life.

Because you are allowed to turn yourself on.

You are allowed to be turned on for life.

Leen S holding flowers - Sublime Life Coaching Erotic Boos!

In Erotic Boost (pre-recorded program) you will learn - Body love

module 1: Body love

The average woman criticizes herself 8 x times a day and she starts before 9:30 AM in the morning!

That’s 8 times of you telling yourself you are not good enough, as who you are as a woman.

Your body remembers everything and it reflects your mental patterns. As long as you continue to be critical of yourself, or trying to be perfect and therefore never good enough, your body will express tension and malaise and even disease.

All pleasure and ultimately your satisfaction in life starts and is fundamentally anchored in YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR OWN BODY.

You can’t enjoy a sunset with your mind, you can’t enjoy sex with your mind, you can’t enjoy day-to-day experiences with your mind.

Enjoyment comes from embodiment.

Body love is about creating reverence for yourself, your sexuality and your heartfelt desires.

Activating body love is the medicine your soul has been waiting for!

Expect: breast massage, pussy breathing, body meditations and somatic listening and of course: body celebration.

In Erotic Boost you will learn

module 2: Pleasure as Transformation

Awaken your erotic essence and boost your eros by renewing your pleasure potential.

Discover the jade egg.

Learn all the flavours of pleasure as your birthright.

Once you know your pleasure, once you trust your pussy, you can tune in to your soulfulness, some might even say divinity.

You will radiate. You will glow.
And of course you will, finally, discover what you really desire.

Experience a fuel & enthusiasm for daily life through the activation of your unique pleasure paths- including healing, sexy, erotic pleasure and sensual pleasure – making you awaken every cell of your body.

In Erotic Boost you will learn

Module 3: Self confidence and pussy power.

Discover your pussy as a power center, a center of your self-confidence and your expression in the world.

Curious about vaginal orgasms?

Find out how the jade egg can help you activate your vaginal sensitivity.

Activate your ‘’inner GPS system’’ that will spark your inner joy and erotically boost your sexuality.

Practically it means that

You will journey through 3 modules

1. Body-love
2. Pleasure as transformation
3. Pussy power

* This course invites you to work with a jade egg. If you don't own one yet you can purchase one from me if you are in the EU or look at the FAQ for options in America & Australia.

And in each module you will receive

• A lecture: in-depth information & theory on each topic

• A playbook with journalising questions

• A delicious practice for you to repeat your entire life

• A deep embodiment session for break throughs that will blow your mind

There are also 3 bonus guides: jade egg, how to self-pleasure, and the felt sense for body connection.


Commit to yourself, you are worth the expense. Bring lasting change into your life.


  • Jade Egg Add On €95
  • My certified jade eggs are top-notch quality

payment plan

2 payments of
  • Jade Egg Add On €95
  • My certified jade eggs are top-notch quality


When does the program start?
When you are ready for it. After your purchase, you can move through the modules at your own pace. The weeks are being released gradually though, meaning you can’t skip from week 1 to week 3.

What is your refund policy?
All purchases are final and non-refundable.

How much time should I reserve for this program?
It depends on the intensity and results you desire. The more you repeat the practices, the faster you will be noticing big shifts.

I advise you to try to do a practice per day for 21 days and…be amazed by the results.

Of course, it is completely understandable that you prefer to spread this out. In that case, you can do this at your own pace and take all the time you need. It will all remain available for a couple of years (at least).

I have experienced (sexual) trauma, can I participate?
I am a trauma-informed coach however, in case of severe trauma, I advise you to work with a specialized trauma therapist first.

In case of milder trauma or in case you have done previous work with a specialized therapist then you can participate and keep me informed of your story and experience.

Is there anything I need for this course?
Yes, you need a drilled jade egg, body-friendly oil and lube. Organic coconut oil works for both body and pussy.

Where can I find a high-quality jade egg?
If you live in the EU, then you can buy one from me via this link. My eggs are certified M size drilled jade eggs, made out of 100% nephrite.

If you are in North & South America: order from Polar Jade or Waands.
If you are in Australia, order with Rosie at Yoni Pleasure Palace.
I advise you to buy an M size, drilled, 100% nephrite jade egg.

I am in a relationship, but my partner isn’t interested in this kind of things:
It happens often that 1 person in the couple starts with this kind of work. It is totally fine. You will have this as a gift to yourself. And your partner will notice the effects as your libido will increase and you will be more turned on. So doing this on your own will improve your relationship and sex life.

What techniques and methodology will be used?
Erotic Boost is rooted in my Orgasmic Rebirth Method ™️ which combines the best from the east: yogic, (neo) tantric, and Taoist practices such as jade egg, meditation, breathwork and movement practices; with the best of the west: neuropsychology, contemporary psychosomatic techniques and gentle trauma healing.

I am already enjoying my sex life, will this course still be of value to me?

For sure! Before I started with any type of sexual Tantra and Taoism, I also considered my sex life to be pretty good.

Then I discovered a whole new layer of depth to sexuality, and I also discovered a whole other side of my sexuality I didn’t even know I had!

So yes, there is always more, you can always go deeper once you have awakened Eros inside of you.


This is what you get

time to get excited

I. Three Erotic Boost embodiment sessions

II. Three deep practices for you to practice and awaken yourself, including the mighty powerful jade egg as a way to activate vaginal orgasms and your sexual energy.

III. Three lectures per module to fully understand yourself and how your body, psyche, & emotions and

IV. Three playbooks allowing for deep inquiry and journaling related to the three topics: body love, pleasure and pussy power.

V. Three bonus guides:
• The pleasure anatomy and self-pleasure guide
• The jade egg guide
• The felt sense: physical sensations list for you to feel your body as your GPS.


What vision do you have for yourself when you become an erotically awakened woman?

Close your eyes, imagine this vision, this new you, 3 weeks from now…

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