Sex &

A podcast about all things related to sexuality, relationships and the deeper dimensions of our lives.

Sex &

A podcast about all things related to sexuality, relationships and the deeper dimensions of our lives.

What if life gets to be an orgasmic party?

Leen is here to give you practical advice on how to improve your sex life, your relationships and … your entire existence!  

This podcast will bring you laughter. It might bring you to tears. It will present you with important questions and confront you with things that you may have ignored or are ready to change.  

Most of all, this orgasmic podcast will uplift you and support you to feel joyful every damn day.

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Sex & Soul has another incredible guest Sophie Josephina, inspiring polarity teacher and business mentor.

This episode is packed with little and big wow moments that will help you deepen your relationship, point out areas where you might be sabotaging love and respect and... how to bring passion back.
Welcome to a very beautiful episode about break-ups and how to find a healthy soulmate level relationship.

My guest Elizabeth Clair de Lune and I talk about when it is time to break up and how to move on.

This episode will give you plenty of tools you can try to navigate the grief of a break-up.
Ok ok ok ... you are going to love this Sex & Soul episode.

I am taking you through a long list of amazing things you can try out that will bring attraction between you and your long term partner back!

You see passion is a choice.

In this beautiful episode I am talking to my dear friend Keith who is a men's sexuality and authentic relationship coach.

In this talk you will learn about the difference between men and women in doing inner work and self-awareness.
Hi sweet humans, love bunnies, this episode is dedicated to my experience in my last 10 days meditation retreat.

An experience where there is no talking, eye contact, reading ... zero distractions for the mind other than spiritual teachings, delicious Hatha yoga and hours and hours of meditation...
Welcome back to a very special Sex & Soul episode in which I am joined by 2 amazing ladies Eva & Mona.

Both of them did my program last time. This conversation is intimate and super recognisable for all of you.

Listening to our conversation will give you insight in how profound the changes are when a woman connects to her body, her pleasure, her wildness, her emotions, her self-worth.
Love bunnies united, this episode of Sex & Soul will give you validation and deep support.

Especially if you have been feeling tired or come across repeating patterns in your relationships.

Talking about love and self-love is never a bad idea.
Ok ok ok love bunnies you are in for a treat.

This episode is actually a delicious meditation designed to make your mind and body open to multi-orgasmic experiences.

And the good news is.. you don’t have to work for it! All you have to do is relax, close your eyes and enjoy the journey guided by my orgasmic voice.
Hello to all you love bunnies out there!

This new episode is buzzing with practical information to help you dive deeper into orgasm.

It is especially interesting if you struggle having an orgasm with someone else.​
Heyaaa love bunnies,

Welcome back for another Sex & Soul episode from your favourite sex coach.

This episode is for you if you want to move to a next level of orgasm.

That can be either not having had any orgasms yet and having your first orgasms, or moving from some to many and deeper ones.
Hey love bunnies, In this episode I am jamming out on what type of orgasms there are.

This information is juicy and delicious.
Hi beautiful human, In this short episode I talk about what happened after my ayahuasca ceremony.

I wanted to share this because I learned something about how to melt into deeper embodiment
In this episode I dive in the soul dimension as I share about my recent and first ayahuasca journey. I decided to talk about my experience because the aya experience confirmed some very important messages
This 5 minute practice will allow you to awaken your libido. Try it daily for 2 weeks and you will notice a big difference. More juice, more aliveness, more sex..
Sex & Soul is back baby! This episode explains why having a low libido is NOT something to ignore because having libido is what makes you feel turned ON for life.

Listen to understand the reasons you might have low libido and of course try the 7 keys to bring your libido back!
In this episode, I will dive into why self-pleasure is so vital. I will tell you the six most significant reasons why orgasms are vital for your mental, physical & spiritual health.