Leen S., leading female orgasmic self-love specialist and sexuality guide presents…


Beyond! Orgasmic Self-Love Group Coaching

Become Orgasmically Alive and feel on top of the world, powerful, ecstatic, and laser-focused to create the life and love of your dreams.

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Become Orgasmically Alive.

Welcome my darling!


Crave deep intimacy. You have been wanting it with your partner, but you realise it has to start with you. You need to know and love yourself first and foremost;

Want to feel more connected to your body and your sexuality;

Feel free and whole on your own;

Desire to attract the partner of your dreams;

Get rid of shame, guilt and feeling like you are not good enough;

You have been reading books, listening to podcasts, maybe you have even done a training or 2…but it hasn’t really changed you and there is a "mmm yesssss I want ... more" feeling inside of your body.

Your desire for deep connection, mind-blowing orgasmic states bringing tears of self-love has become SO STRONG, you know it is time.

You are ready to go Beyond!

Beyond fears,

Beyond vaginal pain,

Beyond a stressful life,

Beyond being a pleaser, a good student, mother, daughter...

Beyond a feeling there is always something missing within.



  • WEEK 1: Orgasmic Pleasure Reclamation
  • WEEK 2: Rewriting Sexual Story
  • WEEK 3: Next Level Self-Love
  • WEEK 4 & 5: Integration weeks
  • WEEK 6: Body & Pussy Love
  • WEEK 7: Vaginal De-armouring
  • WEEK 8: G-spot Orgasm + Squirting
  • WEEK 9: Archetype Embodiment
  • WEEK 10: Integration week
  • WEEK 11: Sexual Healing
  • WEEK 12: Surrender to the Masculine
  • WEEK 13: Cervical Orgasm Activation
  • WEEK 14: Integration week
  • WEEK 15: Orgasmic Money, Manifest those $
  • WEEK 16: Full-Body Orgasm
  • WEEK 17: Spiritual Sex

* The next round starts on November 29th and will finish March 20.

* The order of the modules of this coming round will be finished by the end of November.



  • Awaken your inner Pleasure Queen
  • Release the imprints of childhood conditioning and feel powerful, confident, and free inside of your body.
  • Leave low self-worth, shame and no self-love as you feel safe and worthy to love and be loved on all levels - mind, body, soul, and your erotic nature.
  • Release the sexual and orgasmic blocks and start experiencing your sexuality first and foremost for yourself.
  • Learn how to communicate your desires to your partner/lover in a non-threatening way, and have a steamy sex life.
  • You will finally accept and even love your body AS IT IS now. Self-confidence and enthusiasm will emerge.
  • Beautiful things will start happening as you have accepted yourself and you relax and glow in life.

  • Embrace your body as your “inner GPS”. This ‘’body knowing’’ will allow you to make the right choices in love and in life.
  • Feel grounded and focused.
  • Magnetically awaken the force of your erotic nature and make your body orgasmically alive {with or without a partner}.
  • Use your orgasmic energy as fuel in your daily life: you get shit done even the things you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to start and you make more money!
  • Release sexual numbness, shut down any possible trauma, and feel filled up with sexual and divine ecstatic energy each and every day.
  • Have people around you ask you: “I want what you are having, you seem happier than ever!”
  • Transform your past love experiences and cultivate the power of your heart’s desires to create a loving intimacy with your current partner or ideal future partner.



What a week in Beyond! looks like

Every Saturday a new module opens, You will get access to:

⤛ A high-end lecture introducing the topic.

⤛ A workbook with questions to journal on for deep insights.

⤛ A short practice you will be able to easily fit into a busy schedule.

⤛ Orgasmic Guides & Manuals adding clarity.

⤛ On Tuesday we have our 90 minutes LIVE Orgasmic Rebirth Embodiment Session including jade egg.

⤛ On Thursday you can ask your questions during our LIVE Q&A and VIP hot seat coaching.

⤛ Every month we will have a full or new moon Ecstatic Dance experience.

In between sessions you can choose to connect with other Beyond! ladies in our private Facebook Community.

The schedule will be fixed for the first month and then it might be adapted to accommodate you.

During integration weeks, you can catch up with any material, sessions you have missed or just rest.

You have the choice to do this program completely in your own time, as everything will be recorded and available to you for as long as Sublime Life Coaching exists.


  • 13 x Orgasmic Rebirth Live Embodiment Sessions including energetic Jade/Yoni egg practices
    VALUE: 6540€
  • 13 x LIVE Hot Seats Coaching + Q&A Experience
    VALUE: 4000€
  • 13 x Training Lessons & Lectures In Your Private Member’s Area
    VALUE: 2000€
  • 13 x Journaling Prompts For Deep Learning & Inquiry
    VALUE: 1000€
  • 13 x Orgasmic Rebirth Guided Audio Practices
    VALUE: 2000€
  • 4 Full/New Moon Ecstatic Dance Experiences
    VALUE: 160€
  • 4 x Weeks Of Deep Rest & Integration
    VALUE: Priceless
  • Private Orgasmic FB Group with friendships for life!
    VALUE: Priceless

The total value for feeling powerful, alive, on top of the world is

Your investment is a fraction of this 😊

“I've said it before, but I don't know where I would be if I hadn't met Leen! I've already achieved so much thanks to Leen’s support. She helped me regain my own strength. I met the man of my dreams after working with her! Thanks to her guidance I feel sexually free, orgasmic, and ready for so much more...Leen is a super beautiful and wise woman! ”
Mother of two

Your investment


Commit to yourself, you are worth the investment. Bring orgasmic change into your life so you can thrive, in love, sex and money!

We are almost fully booked! Apply Now 😉


  • 13 Beyond Modules ALL INCLUSIVE
  • 4 Weeks Of Deep Rest & Integration
  • Bonus 1: Safety & Boundaries Ritual
  • Bonus 2: Sex Magic Ritual

payment plan

1733 Payment upfront,
followed with 3 monthly payments of €800
  • 13 Beyond Modules ALL INCLUSIVE
  • 4 Weeks Of Deep Rest & Integration



A powerful embodiment intensive that will make you connect to your YES and NO, create deeper levels of safety and uplevel your boundaries- in sex and beyond.

value €500



Become a manifestation queen as you learn how to deliberately use the power of your sexual energy to instantly command more love, money, and better sex (even during a pandemic).

value €500






What if I am not available at the hour of the online sessions?
No worries if you cannot join the LIVE sessions. You will receive all the recorded versions so you can do the practices in your own time.

I don't know if I feel comfortable sharing my personal story with other women, should I still apply?

The community aspect is optional. You can decide how much you want to connect with the other women who are in the program. You can do the entire program on your own, knowing that I will be there to guide you with whatever comes up.

When does the program start?
The LIVE welcome call of the programs happens on Monday 29th of November.

During the first month, the LIVE embodiment sessions happen on Tuesday & Thursdays.

After that month I will try to propose a schedule that fits best with the availabilities of the women who join.

How long will I have access to the material?

For a loooong time so you can repeat the practices over and over again.

What is your refund policy?
All purchases are final and non-refundable. (There are exceptions of course)

How much time should I reserve for this program?
You can do this at your own pace and take all the time you need after the program to explore all of it.
Your participation can vary, from 3 hours per week to 10 hours per week, it all depends on you.
You will find a rhythm that serves you best.

Is there any nudity?
It is a sexuality focussed course so you will be invited to explore your body under my guidance. You will be in the privacy of your own home, so you will have your camera and sound off.

I have experienced (sexual) trauma, can I participate?
I am a trauma-informed coach.

If you have PTSD and have done enough trauma work with a specialist, then you can participate. Do let me know what your story is so that I can support you even more and we can decide together whether this program is good for you.

If you have experienced severe trauma but haven't done any work yet, then the first step is to work with a trauma therapist.

I am in a relationship, but my partner isn’t interested in this kind of things:
It happens often that 1 person in the couple starts with this kind of work. It is totally fine. You will have this as a gift to yourself. And maybe in time, your partner will be curious to know more about it as they will be able to see the effects on you.

What techniques and methodology will be used?
The techniques are a combination of yogic, Tantric, and Taoist practices such as: meditation, jade egg, breathwork and movement practices. I have been teaching and practicing these techniques for 4 years.

We will also use contemporary psychosomatic tools that have Peter Levine's polyvagal theory as a source.

The coaching I will be introducing is based on the VITA coaching methodology developed by Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute on Integrated Sexuality.

I am already enjoying my sex life, will this course still be of value to me?
For sure! Before I started with any type of sexual Tantra I also considered my sex-life to be pretty good, and then I discovered a whole new layer of depth to sexuality, and I also discovered a whole other side of my sexuality I didn't even know I had! So yes, there is always more, you can always go deeper, and this program is about so much more than your orgasm, it is about healing and becoming the next version of yourself.

My Orgasmic Rebirth Methodology™

Rooted in neo-Tantra, Tantra, Taoism, Neuropsychology, PARTS work, Imago theory, my Orgasmic Rebirth Methodology includes techniques such as holotropic breathwork, meditation, jade egg, family dynamics, breast massage, de-armouring, IMAGO theory & attachment in relationships.

Your life experiences have shaped your thoughts, that turned into beliefs – things you say about yourself, related to:

⤛ Your orgasms (“I can’t do it”, “vaginal full body orgasms are for other women, not for me.”)
⤛ What it means to be a woman (“I don’t fully allow myself to be feminine.” “it is annoying, the bleeding, the deep emotions, so much drama”)
⤛ What it means to be a mother and being sexual (“it is hard”, “I don’t have time”)

The conscious thoughts and the unconscious thoughts behind them go even deeper.

⤛ “Actually, I am not worthy of feeling pleasure.”
⤛ “I don’t deserve to feel good”
⤛ “I am worth something only as long as I work hard and complete my to-do lists.”

All of these thoughts pop up directly or as underlying limiting beliefs and they can be traced in your body and they have an impact on your life and of you being able to feel orgasms.

So the Orgasmic Reclamation starts with an intention setting.
A creation of your new identity. A new start.

It doesn’t mean throwing everything out. It means inviting qualities that you might think are unattainable. It is about creating a powerful field, a positive field, and an aura around you. For you to bathe in. Every day.

Reclamation of your own glory.
And this pillar sets the tone.

What has been the most impactful experience that created a big impact on your sexuality now and how would you like to rewrite that story?

Messages that you received about sexuality, womanhood growing up? It is crucial to feel where these are showing up in your sexuality right now and how they are preventing you from being fully or more orgasmic.

Next, the invitation is to create a new one: that happens to healing the old and the healing happens…through the body. The nervous system. That means that you return to feel the impact of the initial experiences and you get to fully express and digest that.

After that…you can write a new story. What do you want to tell yourself NOW about being a woman, being sexual, about your body, your beauty, your pleasure. What a celebration!

Now things get juicy. Pillar 3 is all about clitoracy: knowing your own pleasure anatomy and exploring it.

That means knowing about the clitoris, entrance, G spot, Cervix, Nipples & breasts, anus…

⤛ By embracing all things that serve you to experience pleasure (fantasy, erotica, vibrators, only having clitoral orgasms).
⤛ By taking away the shame.

By Becoming a master: means that you can start doing energy work and using your turn-on to: unblock stuff, emotions, energy, to become more healthy, to become more alive.

In this pillar we use dildos, wands & jade eggs to bring sexy and powerful shifts. We also work with sexual archetypes and explore the 5 secret orgasmic aliveness tools.

So…what part of your body are you most curious to explore?

All of this about coming home in your body. Your body-home is what we call it in Beyond.

Shifting away from living from your head, mental patterns, a lot of pushing and “shoulds” and fears.

To…living in your body.

Finally letting go of the absurd beauty standard from society. That eats us up, it is never attainable.

This pillar is about creating reverence for yourself, your body, your home, your body as your GPS in life.

If you struggle with being too much in your head, activating body love is the medicine for you being present for your experience.

Suppressed emotions are being held in the body, experiences, toxic environment, trauma.

A lot of women have said yes when their body was “no”.

Sexual healing is a body-based pillar to releasing all these experiences from your body, vagina, womb, heart.

Discharge layers of suppressed emotions. Body based healing, things you didn’t know were there, come up.

This pillar is about restoring safety: feeling safe within yourself. Safety to feel a lot of pleasure, to feel wild. This pillar is also about expressing boundaries.

For some of you that might take a lot of time. Tools we will use are: de-armouring, safety and boundaries work, healing shame and disgust, releasing fear…

Challenging emotions are present all the time. In your job, your romantic relationships, money, how you feel as a woman.

Feeling the pain is uncomfortable, so you go in your mind, that makes sense.

But instead of letting these emotions rule you, overwhelm you, or make you disconnect, you can change your relationship with them.

Tantra embraces them all. Sees them as energy.

You will learn how to, in your day-to-day life, experience emotions, how you digest them and even feel them as orgasmic. As such you learn how to flow with life.

Why not even integrate them in your sexualilty…the best sexuality is emotional sexuality, right?

Impact of early childhood experiences has created a core wound:

Core wounds can vary:
⤛ Abandonment, Betrayal, Physical/Sexual/Mental/Emotional abuse, Rejection…

The relationship with your inner child now is crucial, she shows up all the time. She feels like a young energy, she often has strong emotions. It can show up as you finding it difficult to meet your own needs. It can feel like overwhelm, anxiety, shame or guilt.

Core wounds show up like:
⤛ You repeating the same old mistakes in relationships.
⤛ You often feeling emotionally numb inside. You feel a sense of meaninglessness and disconnection from the world around you. This is the ultimate defense mechanism: feeling nothing.
⤛ You being your own worst critic (i.e., you constantly remind yourself how much of a “loser” or a “failure” you are).
⤛ You often feeling like an outcast, and you can never quite fit in with anyone.

Pillar 7 allows for deep inner child healing and transforming the relationship with your father & mother.

How to create safety in being sexy and authentic every day?

What dreams do you have and are you too afraid to pursue?

What is your relationship with money?

What if you were allowed to want it all?

Conscious orgasmic living is about letting orgasmic states and pleasure and joy into your entire life.

To trust life. To surrender to life.

The more you practice this, the more you will feel it because your neural pathways will be there.

So pillar 8 is about how to bring it into your life, every day. Feeling yourself as a spiritual being by moving through orgasmic states that will move you beyond the ego, the mind.



Leen is a pleasure and self-love coach for women

Women who are ready to emerge from the impact of previous toxic relationships and shift into a woman who feels safe and worthy to be loved on all levels.

She believes that through the power of sexuality, women can directly connect to the core of their essence, and transform the way they live in their bodies, access joy, and experience intimacy.

In turn, Leen helps women live a Sublime Life filled with deep purpose, authentic expression and orgasmic pleasure.

She is the host of the Sublime Woman Summit, has been devoted to path of transformation for last 5 years, and is certified as Sex, Love and Relationship coach through the renowned Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

She lives and breathes to see women transform and awaken to the power of their bodies and working with her will give you embrace of profoundly safe cocoon- where you can fully awaken the deepest love for your body, heart and soul.


  • Do not carry heavy sexual trauma
  • Are currently not on heavy anti-depressants
  • IF TRAUMA: have support of a counsellor or a therapist
  • You are not a newbie to healing/therapy work
  • Have a deep desire to awaken your sexuality and orgasmic potential
  • You are willing to work through your triggers and have a supportive environment (partner, friends) to help you navigate challenging emotional experiences
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