Sensational Love Night


A workshop igniting love & passion.

Get ready to have a sexy as fuck experience together

Feeling this?

It is time for some freshness in your sex life!

You have been together for a while and things are going great (haha and sometimes less great because, let's be honest, relationships can be hard work), AND you also know that there must be .... mooooore!

Let's be real.

You are spending too much time on your phone instead of really talking with each other.

Your sex has become a bit of a routine.

You know what to do to make your partner happy and you are gladly offering that.

You don’t really know how to get to that next level sex & connection.

The next level of union where you experience your body in a new way and you feel you melt into each other.

Maybe you have been together for years, or you are just getting started and you desire some erotic guidance to kick-start your relationship.

And of course: if you are parents and feeling the impacts of that change, then for sure you can use some intimacy and sensual tools to compensate the non-stop caring, giving & organising that comes with being a parent.

So here is to the next level that is playful, fun and so very exciting...

Welcome to

Joyful love, raw intimacy and ... amazing sex.

Sensational love night

come and get it

A 3 hour workshop for you to celebrate your love, the tantric way. Because god knows you don't celebrate your love nearly enough.

Going out to dinner is one thing,

but taking the time to really explore each others' bodies, to talk about what is and isn't working in sex (and your relationship), to try tantric practices that make you become wild and free in bed,

well that is something else 😉

Sensational Love Night will help you feel connected in a way that brings you back to the early days, filled with excitement & mystery.

Remember those?

Feeling like a new door has opened.

Seeing each other with new eyes.

Touching each other with curiosity and delicious slowness.

You thought you had a good sex life? Let me tell you this: there is always deeper & higher!

Here is a truth bomb about our orgasmic potential as humans... it is huge! It is cosmic. You can actually have mind-blowing experiences that go waaaay beyond the typical climax of patriarchy informed sexuality 😉. You can have those on your own, and with a partner.

Are you open? Yes? Yes!

Ok so, you have probably heard about tantra and you might not be into the whole woo woo spiritual stuff, but there IS a part of you that is open to see what more there is to sex, to intimacy, to see what more this body of yours is capable of.

That is why we are here in this very moment!

I will guide you and here is how.

Sensational Love Night

There are 4 parts to this sexy experience:
  • PART 1: A silly & sexy warm up, taking you out of your mind and into, you might have guessed it, your body
  • PART 2: A deep communication exercise allowing you to talk about what you really want in sex and your relationship, without being afraid to be judged or interrupted
  • PART 3: A 5 Senses Erotic Ritual leaving your entire body activated
  • PART 4: Sensational Breathwork leading into wild sexual explorations

Reserve about 3 hours for this experience.

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Frequently asked questions

We don't have time to do the workshop now, how long will it be available if we buy it now?

Everything is available for you for at least 2 years. So you can get it now and keep it for later and repeat it as often as you want.

How much time will this workshop take?

I suggest you reserve about 3 hours for this experience.

We don't have experience with tantra, can we still participate?

Oh yes, this workshop is both for people who want their first taste of tantra and for those who have done some before.

We already have amazing sex, will we learn something new?

There is always more, deeper & higher. The 5 Senses Activation Ritual & breathwork are delicious tools to take you to the next level of exquisite love, amazing sex and connection.

I want to try this, but I am afraid my partner isn't up for it, what should I do?

I understand that can feel challenging. I believe honesty is key. Having a conversation with your partner and focusing on what you want to experience together could be a good way to invite them. So not focusing on what is going wrong. Let them get excited about it and then look at this page together.

We have deeper issues & desires that we want help with, a 3 hour workshop isn't going to do it, is there a more in depth way to work with you?

You can check out my 5 month 1:1 coaching journey to work on deeper topics such as:

  • to from average (or barely any) sex to tantric sex
  • young parents: challenges & lack of connection, brining sexy back
  • returning conflicts,
  • a mismatch in libido (one partner doesn't want sex as often as the other),
  • frustrations on a daily base,
  • bad communication,
  • sexual & intimacy issues,
  • betrayal & jealousy
  • "what future do we have?"
  • ...


Leen is a sexuality & relationship coach

Leen helps couples to connect in a deeper way:

- to experience better sex, the tantric way (think sexual energy and full body orgasms).

- to improve communication offering very practical tools, say ciao to the discussions you know all too well, replace them with a new understanding of needs and skills to talk.

- to understand underlying issues and how childhood experiences are showing up in the relationship, aka the deep healing stuff.

She has helped couples who were on the verge of breaking up to stay together and feel in love like never before.

Typical issues couples come with are:

  • returning conflicts
  • mismatch in libido
  • issues with sex (women not really enjoying it)
  • disconnection in the relationship

She is the host of the Sublime Woman Summit, in which 3000 women participated. She now leads the Sublime Women community, a private group on Facebook for discussions & live talks on all topics related to sex & love.

Devoted to the path of transformation, everything started in 2016, when Leen became a dedicated Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher.

She is certified as Sex, Love and Relationship aka VITA coach through the renowned Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

She lives and breathes to see people transform and explore the power & pleasure of their bodies.

Working with her will feel like a safe cocoon—where you can fully rediscover the deepest love for each other & of course ... wild sex.

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