Orgasm & Evolve

Orgasm & Evolve

Free 3-Part Masterclass

Learn how to connect to the Orgasmic Frequency to create the life of your dreams

It is time for life to become a juicy party.

The world is asking us women to take a role of leadership.

But in a new way.

The Feminine way.

The Embodied way.

The Orgasmic way.

We spend so much time pretending we are not magic.

Yet we are.

This 3 part masterclass will teach you how you can take “full body orgasmic yes” ownership over your own life.

The way there is to create:
an Orgasmic Body


an Orgasmic Heart

Oh yes this masterclass can change your life massively

So let’s play baby.

In this class you will learn:

Day 1

Orgasmic Body

Receive my 3 secrets keys that lead to all types of exquisite orgasms.

Learn how to experience more and more pleasure to land in delicious womanhood. 

Day 1 teaches you how to experience mind-blowing pleasure and feel whole with or without a partner.

And … curious about …these deeper vaginal orgasms? Let me share what I know after 7 years of teaching women to have them and practising them myself.

Day 2

Orgasmic Heart

Learn how you can love yourself on the deepest levels. 

So many women have a deep sense of unworthiness, not believing they deserve the best in life and love. 

So many women are super critical towards themselves, trying to control life and being stuck in a do-do-do modus.

On day 2 you will learn how to stop cycles of self- sabotaging, and receive love and goodness in life on a new orgasmic level.

Day 3

Orgasmic life

We are here to live life in a big way.

You are here to create something beautiful.

We don’t want to live an average life. 

We want an orgasmic life!

Learn 2 keys to live radiantly alone or together.

Understand my 3 keys to creating a life that feels deeply nourishing and exciting. 

This Masterclass is for you if:


You have been living life feeling disconnected from your body, often suffering from stress, filling your days with to-do lists.


You know you are a bit of a perfectionist, but you don’t know how to let go of it.


Your sex life has been average, you often have sex for your man, instead of for yourself. Sex doesn’t truly fulfil you.You have difficulties having orgasms


You are afraid to speak up, express boundaries


You have a tendency to please everyone around you and find it hard to prioritise your own pleasure, you are tired 


You are so curious about deep orgasms, you want to surrender in bed, to your/a partner.


And most of all you want to surrender to life but you are so often in your head, commenting and pushing, it is never good enough and you know you sabotage yourself.

Orgasm and Evolve takes place on...



April  11th

7:30 PM Brussels/Berlin Time
11:30 AM – LA Time
5:30 AM Melbourne Time



April  12th

7:30 PM Brussels/Berlin Time
11:30 AM – LA Time
5:30 AM Melbourne Time



April  13th

7:30 PM Brussels/Berlin Time
11:30 AM – LA Time
5:30 AM Melbourne Time

If you can’t make it to the live call, no worries, I got you, my love! I’ll share the replay with you.

I'll bring the magic, transmission and tantric priestess vibes

All you gotta do is:

→Sign up and join us below FOR FREE
→Prepare yourself for a juicy & transformative experience
→ Show up with an open and curious mind and a willingness to connect
with like-minded women, explore and have fun

Orgasm & Evolve is about:

The energy of a woman Who Knows when she walks into a room,
The energy of love without fear
The energy of “I know I am enough”
The energy of “I belong here”
The energy of there is a fire inside of my sex
The energy of “I choose who I am”

Let’s play

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