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People often ask me: "I want what you are having."

That is because my laugh, my energy and my connection to life are contagious.

Today I am in a place where I can say I live with deep purpose. I have embraced my body, I finally feel ok with how I eat and how I look.

I love, make love and laugh on new levels because I am connected to my female essence and my pleasure.

Every damn day.

I want this too. Schedule a call.

I didn't always feel this way...

Until five years ago...

I was stuck in a 9 to 5 job, fearful to change anything even though I wasn’t happy.

I was suffering from disordered emotional eating (bingeing followed by strict rules). I also was obsessed with working out.

My inner critic did overtime, constantly telling me I wasn't skinny or good enough. As a result, I felt a lack of self-love and acceptance of who I was and what I looked like, as if my only value and worth came from my looks.

Being quite a control freak, I created expectations and pressure on myself and my surroundings. It was exhausting, I felt tired and tense.

My relationships with men were beautiful, but my experience of sex wasn’t always that great. I often felt pain or numbness in my vagina. Therefore, I could never really surrender. My boundaries weren't always clear. Sex was avoided or I did it to please the man.

“Is this all there is?”

I used to think....

That changed when in 2015 I took a trip around the world.

I needed to take a break from my life in Belgium where I had a full time job and lots of commitments. I left with a -way too heavy- backpack to explore Latin America.

What started from an impulse to explore unknown territories, ended up being the beginning of a big transformation, a journey that led me to dive inside of myself.

In Colombia, I unexpectedly ended up in a yoga school. I discovered fascinating new ways to work with and listen to my body and my mind through Hatha Yoga.

I always loved to move my body and have intense physical experiences. Through sports such as basketball, running, swimming and crossfit but also snowboarding and surfing.

Therefore, when I started yoga, I immediately appreciated the effects of relaxation and general well being on a physical and emotional level.

But something clicked on a deeper level as well.

There is a mysterious and mystical dimension to yoga.

Yoga intrigues and evokes curiosity about our existence.

Yoga is about moment after moment connecting to what is.

As such, layers of the self one does not consciously know, arise.

Yoga invites us to go beyond a physical experience and identification with our body, emotions and mind.

Yoga makes me feel our existence has a meaning which cannot be put into words easily, rather experienced.

The love for Yoga was so strong that I finished my 500 hours Teacher Training that very same trip.

Today, I have 4 years experience teaching Hatha Yoga all over the world.

My journey continued as I studied deep Tantra. I focussed on women’s empowerment, sacred sexuality and energy practices completing the Shakti Spirit Teacher Training with Mystical Dance muse and tantrika Monika Nataraj. She introduced me to yoni eggs, the Taoist ancient practice that brings aliveness and sexual bliss.

While practicing Kundalini techniques and sacred silence during meditation retreats, I lived pivotal peak experiences, states that go beyond the mind that have shifted my way of being and teaching up until today.

Feelings of connection and intimacy with myself, other people, existence and the Universe as a whole, color who I am.

Other Yoga Alliances accredited courses and workshops adding understanding of the Eastern philosophy I have followed are:

‘Chakras Illuminated’ on the roots of chakra-s taught by Tantra academic and practitioner Christopher Wallis. 'Yoginis' taught by Laura Amazzone offered me insights from the earliest Tantric traditions and celebrations of the feminine in the East.

I concluded a top notch Coaching Program offered by Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality

Tell me about you, let's talk.

I am a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

Helping women to live Sublime Lives

I specialise in female pleasure because I think that, through our sexuality, we deal with the core of life.

How we feel inside of our bodies, our access to joy, to pleasure, to intimacy, to trusting ourselves and others.

The feeling of our rawest emotions.

The experiences of primal and liberating states of ecstasy and joy.

Working with me will allow you to find a new connection to yourself, your body, your sexuality and your life.

Because pleasure is so healing.

It is possible. For all women.

We are in this together.

Some fun Leen facts

I used to be

an MC

I was rapping on underground electronic music in cities all over Belgium. My long beautiful dreadlocks completed the look.

The last gig I had was at Dour festival in 2017. That was amazing.

I am secretly waiting for the next one. Meanwhile I still write poetry and lyrics and I sing my soul's desires.

From 9 to 5

to sex obsessed

For 11 years I worked as a PR, communication & strategic development officer at Smart, a European cooperative for freelancers.

These years were crucial to develop self-confidence and the professional skills to work on an international level.

I got to travel and meet interesting people and learn about the gig economy and the future of work.

I also felt what it was like to work in a hierarchical, male -dominated organisation.

The transition to my current work and passion as a coach was gradual and very scary, but I don't regret it one bit.

Flemish/ Dutch is my mother tongue

a language that not many people speak

Frankly, I was really bad at maths and exact sciences so I focussed on languages in high school.

That ended up being a good choice because, thanks to my previous job in international business development and my travels all around the world, I now speak 6 languages.

The last one I learned was Portuguese which I dove into during Rio de Janeiro's carnaval in 2016, que massa!

Surfing is my big passion.

For me surfing offers a mirror.

Fear, joy, resilience, focus, awe, power, friendship.

Surfing is living to the fullest. Dancing with the ocean to express femininity in unique and fascinating ways.


Coaching hours

I am so proud and grateful for all of my clients who stepped into a process with me.


People inspired

These are all the people that I have had the pleasure to support and inspire through:

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