Coaching For Women


For courageous women who are eager to change.

Recognise yourself

Do you feel?

You have had enough of negative body image and self-criticism.

Instead, you desire to accept and love your body and all aspects of your personality!

Throughout your life, you have never FULLY enjoyed being a woman.

Finding a nourishing, powerful and delicious connection with your femininity excites you ... to the max.

Furthermore, letting go of certain experiences, emotions, patterns, people from the past is exactly what you need right now.

You are ready to move on.

As seen in

The time has come for you to design a life that makes you happy and proud.

Deep love, a career of purpose, true intimacy and ... amazing sex. You deserve it all.

Why my coaching will change your life

The Method

Coaching that goes beyond the traditional talk therapy.

A focus on your desires instead of your problems.

Action steps so you change your reality from the first session!

Deeper work, not only involving your thinking brain but also your sub -and unconscious layers.

Combining the latest insights from neurobiology and contemporary psychosomatics with Tantric and Taoist practices like meditation, breath and energy work.

Sexual liberation thanks to mind-blowing tools, such as the Jade Egg Practice.

Embracing dark and light, as a result, parts that might have been suppressed, but still control behaviour, can be healed and integrated.

So finally, you can step into new, conscious and empowered ways of being.

Letting life flow through you. Surrendering to it.

Becoming a Sublime Woman.

My approach is rooted in the VITA coaching methodology, designed by the amazing Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

What is included in my coaching package:

come and get it
  • 1 90 min. online Orgasmic Rebirth coaching session per week.
  • Personalised homeplay, practices, and action steps.
  • Follow up emails adding insights and key elements.
  • Emotional support in between sessions.

I want this.

These women have worked with me

you are safe with me

you are not broken

You have a lot of questions. You might feel that something is wrong with you. You might ask yourself: "Am I broken"?

I understand that you are scared. I know you carry pain from the past. I know you have been "a good girl/student/daughter/employee/mother" for far too long. There are a lot of "shoulds" in your mind and they drive you crazy from time to time.

You want to be more wild, free, sensual and sexual but it provokes shame and judgement.

I am here to tell you, there is nothing wrong with you. Moreover, you deserve to live a life of depth, joy and pleasure. With the magic of existence buzzing inside of you every moment.

I will guide you gently yet fearlessly so you can bathe in unconditional self-love and orgasmic states that shake your body and soul.

Things will never be the same again.


Coaching hours

I am so proud and grateful for all of my clients who stepped into a process with me.


People inspired

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