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I have got goodies for you. A yoga class or delicious ecstatic dancing for example.

Tantric Hatha Yoga

private or group classes

I offer traditional hatha yoga classes during which we focus on the physical body, the emotional body, and last but not least, the energetic body.

My classes range from more dynamic practices that will give you physical strength, vitality and will power, to more meditative practices that allow you to achieve inner calmness and balance.

On top of the diverse range of asanas - the hatha yoga postures - other techniques such as uddiyana bandha, sun salutations, pranayama, music meditation, Prana Uchara or AUM meditation, are integrated in the classes.

I like to take my students to a deeper state of being but I also bring lightness and laughter in my classes.

After a class you will feel grounded and peaceful.


A magical moment for you to dance like you were in a hot club at 3 AM.

We come together online to lose ourselves through delicious dancing.

You wake up, drink some coffee or some green tea, eat a banana, prepare your room, make a lot of space, set water aside, make sure you have a carpet you can roll on and a blanket to cover yourself up with.

Yep, ready to ✦ Sublime Dance ✦

The first part is about breathing and sinking into deeper layers.

And then ... we will move through a delicious, fun, energising and deep playlist.

It is an invitation to move in ways that liberate you: wild, crazy, silly.

Kids are welcome to join!



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