Tantric Love Night


A workshop igniting love & passion.

Recognise yourself?

Do you feel

You have had enough of recurring conflicts and frustrations.

You always fight about the same things and it makes you feel depleted & sad.

Throughout your relationship, you have not yet experienced deep sexual experiences together that you secretly wish to have.

Finding a nourishing, powerful and delicious connection with each other excites you ... to the max.

Furthermore, letting go of certain experiences, emotions, patterns, from the past is exactly what your relationship needs right now.

You are ready to up level.

Recognise yourself?

Do you ...

You remember why you fell in love and what you admired in your partner but somehow it is difficult to feel that appreciation now.

Daily chores & responsibilities have taken over your interactions.

So sure, you have a beautiful partnership and you feel secure and safe but, be honest: things have become boring.

You feel like you need to choose between stability and security OR passion & excitement.

I am here to tell you that you do not.

The time has come for you to create the relationship that makes you feel happy, erotically alive & nourished.

Deep love, true intimacy and ... amazing sex. You deserve it all.

Why my coaching will change your life

The Method

Coaching that goes beyond the traditional talk therapy.

A focus on your desires instead of your problems.

Action steps so you change your reality from the first session!

Deeper embodiment & nervous system work, not only involving your thinking brain but also your sub -and unconscious layers.

Combining insights from neuropsychology and contemporary psychosomatics, Image theory, PARTS work, with Tantric and Taoist practices like meditation, breath and energy work.

Sexual liberation thanks to mind-blowing Neo-tantric connection & tantric sex tools such as edging, pussy & penis massage.

Embracing dark and light and as a result, parts that might have been suppressed, but still control behaviour and cause conflict and frustration in your couple can be healed and integrated.

So finally, you can step into new, conscious and empowered ways of being together.

Letting love flow through you again. Feeling sexual desire & fire for each other.

Becoming a Sublime Couple.

My approach is rooted in the VITA coaching methodology, designed by the amazing Layla Martin at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

What is included in my 4 month coaching package:

come and get it
  • Bi-weekly deep dive sessions
  • Communication tools so you learn how to listen and talk about challenging topics and deal with your emotions
  • Body-connection practices such as heart breathing & psychosomatic mediations
  • Erotic tantric tools that will light your fire
  • Follow up emails with the recording of each session
  • Support & guidance in between sessions.
  • Personalised homeplay, practices, and action steps
These people have worked with me

you are safe with me

you are not broken

You might feel your relationship is unfixable.

You might be thinking of breaking up.

Or maybe you know you will probably stay together

- for the kids, because you might not find anyone better and you are afraid to be alone -

but it will feel average ... for the rest of your lives. That is a depressing vision you no longer wish to feel looming.

You have felt the passion & magic in your early days, but that TLC has disappeared for a while -years let's be honest - now.

On a sexual level things aren't great either. You have some sex but it is a always the same routine and you are not really satisfied.

You have come to the right place.

I will guide you gently yet fearlessly so you find deep understanding for each other and explore orgasmic states that shake your body and soul.

Things will never be the same again.

People around you will be asking: "you seem so in love, what have you been doing?"

And you will look at each other giggle and sigh with relief that you made it to the other side.

The next level Sublime Love side.

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