Orgasmic Rebirth

5 day free immersive online masterclass to unlock your orgasmic potential

It is time

You have been living life feeling disconnected from your body, often suffering from stress, filling your days with to-do lists.

You know you are a bit of a perfectionist, but you don’t know how to let go of it.

Your sex life has been average, you often have sex with the man, it doesn’t truly fulfill you. You are so curious about deep orgasms, you want to surrender in bed, to your/a partner, AND MOST OF ALL YOU WANT TO SURRENDER TO AND TRUST IN LIFE but you are so often in your head, commenting and pushing for an experience, it is never good enough and you know you sabotage yourself.
Yet, there is an inner voice whispering: “it is not too late, there is more!”

You have tried some workshops and maybe even therapy, it helped a bit but it didn’t create the big shift you are craving for.

Yes darling, that big shift :

That makes you come home in your body, finally accepting and loving it, feeling it every day as a home for pleasure and relaxation.

Feeling self-confident, powerful and focussed in life, no longer needing someone else to fulfill you but feeling completely content with yourself.
Becoming deliciously orgasmic, having states of pleasure filling up your entire being, states that make you cry and laugh and make you feel how life is magical and ecstatic!


It is time

It is time for your Orgasmic Rebirth.

Join my FREE 5 days Masterclass, happening from May 10th until May 14th.

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Here is what you will experience inside of this



Big Orgasmic Mindshift

Your orgasmic mindshift begins with the story of your life…

The story of your body, your sexuality and your womanhood.

Uncover the hidden thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are keeping you trapped in an orgasmic status quo.

And put sacred light on the very fabric of your sexuality, your SEXUAL STORY. 

Emerge into a woman who creates a new way of being, relating and connecting to herself.

And in turn create a sexual narrative in which you deepest orgasms can be born.


Orgasmic Rebirth Method

Any woman can be orgasmically rebirthed- including YOU.


My Orgasmic Rebirth Method is the divine marriage of modern neuropsychology, coupled with ancient tantric teachings, and transformation of inner family dynamics that is designed to transform any sexual frustration, sexual defeat or habitual lack of self-confidence and shift you into a woman who experiences mind-blowing pleasure and feels whole with or without a partner. 

Your rebirth is waiting for you….


The big secret: here is where your orgasm begins and expands

When it comes to making your orgasms deeper and more effortless, where could you possibly start?


Hint hint: lingerie and red lipstick are not gonna cut it.


Your orgasm is trainable the same way as you would train to run or to swim. 

Discover the BIG O-SECRET, and how playing with secret orgasmic tools will make you gush in pleasure every single day.


Your Body Is Your Ally

The best orgasms don’t happen in your mind, They happen in your body. And what stands in the way is the chronic split between your BODY and MIND. 

Awaken the orgasmic intelligence inside of your body as you strip away layers of shame, guilt and trauma- letting you surrender to exquisite pleasure inside. 


Orgasmic Living: revolutionize your bedroom, relationship, career, money

Orgasms are not just for the joys of your bedroom…..


Becoming orgasmic rebirthed revolutionizes the way you make love to your partner, address conflicts, pursue your passions and allow greater cash and prosperity to enter your life.


Orgasm, after all, is how you live in your body, and who you are as a woman.


No area of your life remains untouched.


Your orgasm touches and penetrates everything.


It’s your time! 

Sublime Life Coach

Leen S

Who is Leen S?

Leen is a pleasure and self-love coach for women who are ready to emerge from the impact of previous toxic relationships and shift into a woman who feels safe and worthy to be loved on all levels. 


She believes that through the power of sexuality, women can directly connect to the core of their essence, and transform the way they live in their bodies, access joy, and experience intimacy. 


In turn, Leen helps women live a Sublime Life filled with deep purpose, authentic expression and orgasmic pleasure.


She is the host of the Sublime Woman Summit, has been devoted to path of transformation for last 5 years, and is certified as Sex, Love and Relationship coach through the renowned Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.


She lives and breathes to see women transform and awaken to the power of their bodies and working with her will give you embrace of profoundly safe cocoon- where you can fully awaken the deepest love for your body, heart and soul.