Majestic – Draft

Join the Majestic Journey and Crown Yourself
with Erotic Empowerment


Join the Majestic Journey and Crown Yourself with Empowerment


Awaken your deepest desires and experience boundless cosmic pleasure
and full-body ecstatic bliss


Radiate confidence and joy as you step into your Queendom and embrace
your sovereign power


Harness the orgasmic power of your emotions and navigate them with grace
and profound self-mastery

Let me ask you...

Life might be chugging along, but when it comes to your sexuality,
do you sense there’s more?

A whisper that tells you, This can’t be all there is.”

Are you craving extraordinary orgasms that make you feel turned on for life?

Do you seek to unchain yourself from self-doubt and perfectionism
and step into your surrendered, majestic essence and let things flow to you instead of trying so hard?

Do you find yourself caught in a relentless cycle of doing and over thinking,
always striving, and rarely savoring the sweetness of relaxation?

Do you feel emotions sometimes surge like a tidal wave,
leaving you lost in their currents, almost drowning?

In relationships, do you battle feelings of insecurity and neediness

Is your focus often on satisfying your partner, yet it is difficult to melt in your own pleasure?

If any of these resonate with you, then you’re in the perfect place, at the perfect time. 

Picture this...

Envision living in a realm of unshakable self-assurance, where the opinions of others don’t hold you back anymore.

You radiate confidence, knowing and owning your incredible essence – the true you, a force to be reckoned with.

You’ve got that cheeky child-like wonder where the world feels like your playground and every moment is brimming with magic and mystery.

Let’s be real – it’s time to shed the “pleasing good girl” façade.

No more saying yes when your intuition screams no, no more shrinking to fit others’ expectations.

Your journey has led you here, ready to ascend to your rightful place of power and majesty.

Welcome to your Queendom.

It’s time to embrace your sexy, powerful, in-flow self and reign supreme.

Let’s elevate your life, unlock radiant confidence and awaken sensual bliss!

Hi, I'm Leen S.

Sexuality and relationship coach on a mission to support you in awakening into a life of wild pleasure and limitless joy.

I believe that within every woman, there’s an orgasmic masterpiece waiting to unfold – a ‘full body yes’ to playing life on an entirely new level.

After spending 7 years immersed in esteemed teacher trainings and exclusive healing modules, I’ve absorbed the sacred teachings of Tantric and Taoist wisdom keepers across the globe.

Not to mention, electrifying sexual initiations shared with captivating lovers. 😉

I’ve broken free from the shackles of a mundane 9-to-5, waved goodbye to people-pleasing, and replaced society’s confines imposed by Flemish culture with unapologetic ambition and self-expression.

I stand before you today – powerful, multi-orgasmic and no longer ashamed to express my wild nature, ready to empower YOU to unleash your boundless desires so that you too can attract the love of your life, success, wealth, and next-level love-making that you’ve been dreaming of.

I have helped hundreds of women become more orgasmic and fall more deeply in love with themselves…

Now it’s your turn!

Are you ready to claim your crown and reign in majestic splendor?

Majestic is your sanctuary if you resonate with a desire for: ​

  • Embracing Unapologetic Desires: Liberatingly claim your desires and savor the richness of sensual pleasure.
  • Radical Self-Intimacy: Navigate your emotions with self-love, fostering a deeper connection to your
    sensuality and orgasms.
  • Surrendering to Passion: Release control, trust in the journey, and allow your pleasure to guide you
    to new heights of orgasmic bliss.
  • Awakening Your Erotic Self: Embark on a journey of self-exploration, self-pleasure, and embracing
    the full spectrum of your erotic nature and orgasms.
  • Emotion Mastery: Cultivate an empowered relationship with your emotions, enhancing your sensual journey
    and magnifying the intensity of your orgasms.
  • Ecstasy Unleashed: Let go completely, stepping into the stream of life’s sexual and sensual magic,
    where orgasmic experiences await your willing embrace.

Luka van der Perre

Majestic taught me that … I am worth it.

Through Majestic, I've begun to walk a path where I can take my shadows seriously, even on the level of a future career.

I've found some ways in the land of rapping, writing, clothing and talking hella sexy and spot on and mix it with exactly everything that was wired as some shameful shadows.

I can regulate myself, honey!

I can stay with my own truth, yes! Don't try me.

I am the true director of my body and I am confident.

The lightning fast transformation shadow work on me was surprising too !

My emotions are a rollercoaster AND they can be used in delicious ways.

Leen's appearance is incredibly present which stays really mind-blowing.

The opportunity to share and read experiences and be seen by an amazing group of people around the world turned out to be attractive for me.

I was really committed to the practices and questions that were offered to me.

It's liberating to have 24/7 access to a whole open platform to just jam on and take up as much space as you need.


“Majestic made me listen to my body for the first time in life. I feel how I am developing as a person by listening to my body, embracing all parts, seeking pleasure.

Majestic showed me how everything I need is already present in me. So when I'm seeking validation I now realise I can also find it in myself.

Majestic taught me that life is a gift, and also my messy, dark sides are here to be celebrated. I'm less hard on myself.

I experienced my first clitoral orgasm thanks to the program which was really powerful and showed me the impact of the practices.

I actually found my amazing boyfriend a couple of months after the program finished! Which is something I had been wanting for so long. It shows how indeed everything comes to you once you connect to yourself and sexual self-love!

I feel so much happier in general. I love to have some certainties in life and with Majestic, Leen created one for me.

Leen is so wise. It's so inspiring and powerful to get to learn from her. I’m so grateful she is here sharing her knowledge and Majestic is a big opportunity to share it to as many women at the same time as possible. It's really powerful that Leen created this community.”


Thanks to Majestic I started expressing my need to be both a slut and a spiritual being 🙂

I quit my job, went travelling and dived into the world of tantra (Majestic was one of my first experiences with embodied practices).

I started allowing myself to receive both in sex and in life (and I've been having the most amazing sex) and so many good things have been coming my way!

The practices we did during the course allowed me to discover a deeper layer of myself.

Exploring the different archetypes helped me to see different sides of myself.

As I am still discovering what it means to me to be a woman in this world, it was very freeing to have a safe space to play with the archetypes and embody them.

It made me realise again that it's okay to be multi dimensional and ever changing.

I noticed a big breakthrough when Leen guided me through a visualisation about being a control freak and not being able to receive.

I realised on a deep body level that it's safe for me to let go, surrender and receive (both in sex and in life, because both are such a mirror of each other, right?!).

The group container was a very beautiful safe space in which we held each other through difficult processes and learned so much from witnessing eachothers vulnerability.

Thank you Leen! I love how you embody what you teach 💕

A 12 week program to awaken your soul.

Together we’ll release the chains of insecurity and perfectionism and empower you to shatter limiting beliefs, allowing your authentic brilliance to shine.

It’s time to let go of control and embrace the lush flow of life.

As a Majestic woman, you will embody:

Inside Majestic, you'll dive deep into delicious transformative practices that nurture profound growth and liberation:

  • Sister Wound Healing:
    Mend the wounds that hinder your progress,
    forging a path of healing and renewal

  • Body Forgiveness Ritual:
    Release the weight of the past, embracing forgiveness
    as a powerful act of self-love
  • It is Safe To Be Sexy’ Practice:
    Reclaim your sensuality fearlessly,
    igniting the flame of self-assurance


  • No More Nice Girling Assignment:
    Break free from restrictive patterns,
    embracing your authentic self unapologetically
  • Wild Woman Ritual:
    Awaken your wild essence, celebrating
    the untamed spirit that resides within you
  • Dark Emotions Orgasmic Practice:
    Transmute the power of intense emotions into
    a wellspring of liberation and ecstasy
  • Pussy Breathing:
    Explore deep and transformative breathwork,
    unearthing hidden wellsprings of energy and empowerment
  • Archetype morning evocation:
    Powerfully connect with each of the 4 archetypes
    and move in the world as HER.
  • Shame & Guilt Digesting Practice::
    Dissolve the burdens of shame and guilt,
    ushering in a renewed sense of lightness
    and self-acceptance
  • Heart-Guided Authenticity:
    Forge a path of authenticity and worthiness,
    guided by the wisdom of your heart
  • Sexual Sovereignty Practice:
    Reclaim ownership of your sexual journey, discovering
    newfound depths of pleasure and empowerment
  • Embodied Intuition & Soulfulness:
    Immerse yourself in practices that cultivate profound intuition,
    infusing every facet of your being with soulful wisdom

Your Majestic Journey: Unveiling the Archetypes

Module 1

Pleasure - The Slut

Explore unabashed pleasure and unbridled joy as we delve into your inner desires.

Shed inhibitions, embrace a life overflowing with pleasure, horniness, and euphoric orgasms.

Own your sexuality without reservation as you confidently initiate intimate moments, indulging in pleasure and unlock a world of delight and desire.

Own your … intimate moments.

Indulge in pleasure and unlock …

Module 2

Freedom - The Wild Woman

Freedom – The Wild Woman

Embark on a journey to unleash your primal emotions, channeling the untamed force of your deepest desires and raw sexuality.

Liberate your passions, revolutionize love-making with newfound passion revolutionize love-making with newfound passion and unrestrained intensity.

Learn fearless communication, courageously navigate the currents of strong emotions and express your authentic desires.

Module 3

Worthiness - the Queen

Worthiness – The Queen

Liberate yourself from the shackles of perfectionism and performance-driven ideals.

Feel profound worthiness and self-confidence pulse through every fiber of your being as your nipples, breasts, heart, and throat become centers of heightened sensitivity.

Unlock states of orgasmic breasts bliss and master the art of heartfelt expression fostering more profound love and self-acceptance.

Module 4

Awareness - The High Priestess

Awareness – The High Priestess

An enchanting journey of self-discovery to unlock the orgasmic mysteries of your cervix and your chakra wisdom.

Effortlessly shed the weight of negative thoughts and awaken deep intuition.

Feel a profound sense of care and support from the Universe as you learn to trust and surrender with a deeper faith in life.

What You'll Receive On Your Majestic Journey:

Empowering Community:
Immerse yourself in a supportive and uplifting environment of like-minded women on a journey of self-discovery and pleasure exploration.

Live Calls with Leen:
Powerful live embodiment experiences and hot seat coaching sessions with Leen S to deeply embody and integrate the Majestic program.

Comprehensive Modules:
Gain exclusive access to four transformative modules that delve deep into different facets of your sensual and emotional journey.

Archetype Embodiment:
Embrace four distinct archetypes that will guide your transformation, helping you embody new dimensions of yourself.

Wisdom-Packed Lectures:
Engage with four enriching lectures that shine a light on your conditioning, providing insights for deconditioning and unlearning old patterns.

Erogenous Zone Exploration:
Embark on guided audio self-pleasure explorations that cater to various erogenous zones – clitoris, breast and nipples, throat, and cervix – awakening new realms of sensation.

Archetypal Evolution:
Transform from within using archetype evocation and embodiment practices, allowing you to stride confidently in the world as a renewed and empowered woman.

Emotional Mastery:
Cultivate deep emotional maturity and resilience through specialized practices, enabling you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and authenticity.

Mindset Transformation:
Engage in four assignments and journaling practices that facilitate profound mindset shifts, leaving an enduring impact on your self-awareness and growth.

Private High-Vibe Community:
Join Majestic’s exclusive Facebook Group, connecting with a supportive community of empowered individuals sharing your transformative journey.

Lifetime Access:
Enjoy unlimited access to all program materials, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your transformation whenever you need.

Bonus 1: Safety & Resourcing Tutorial
& Guide: (Value: €99)

Discover techniques to nurture a sense of inner well-being, even during times of stress or emotional turmoil. Perfect for those seeking to feel secure in their bodies.

Bonus 2: Self-Pleasure Manual
(Value: €150)

Delve into a comprehensive manual brimming with expert tips on achieving heightened self-pleasure and orgasmic experiences. Elevate your pleasure journey with new found inspiration.

Bonus 3: Amazing Sex & Self-Pleasure Prep Breathing Practice (Value: €59):
Transform your intimate moments with a powerful breathing practice designed to shift you away from overthinking and into the realm of deep relaxation and pleasure.

Elevate Your Majestic Journey With An Abundant Bonus Package:

Bonus 1: Safety & Resourcing Tutorial
& Guide: (Value: €99)

Discover techniques to nurture a sense of inner well-being, even during times of stress or emotional turmoil. Perfect for those seeking to feel secure in their bodies.

Bonus 2: Self-Pleasure Manual
(Value: €150)

Delve into a comprehensive manual brimming with expert tips on achieving heightened self-pleasure and orgasmic experiences. Elevate your pleasure journey with new found inspiration.

Bonus 3: Amazing Sex & Self-Pleasure Prep Breathing Practice (Value: €59):
Transform your intimate moments with a powerful breathing practice designed to shift you away from overthinking and into the realm of deep relaxation and pleasure.

Are you ready to elevate your life with Majestic and unlock your inner queen, igniting pleasure, confidence, and profound self-love?

Your Majestic transformation awaits…

Step into a realm where your desires take center stage and your inner power burns like a seductive flame, igniting the depths of your being.

This is a journey to unlock the full spectrum of your sexual self – your Majestic self.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you’re ready to break free from the chains that have confined your pleasure and sexual expression.

Will you join me in shedding the layers of doubt, being a “good girl” and shame, casting off the cloak of societal expectations?

This is your moment to shatter the illusions of who you thought you had to be and allow your authentic sensuality to radiate.

Are you prepared to script a narrative of unapologetic pleasure, boundless desire, and intimate empowerment?

The stage is set for your breath-taking emergence – a radiant, confident, and sexually empowered, multi-orgasmic, blissful you.

Embrace your desires, awaken your passions, and let your majesty reign!



Wow! What an epic journey. I've really loved it all.

Each of the four modules taught me so much about myself, and left me with tools I can turn back to daily.

I rave about Leen so often to others, and tell them what a special teacher and human she is.

I feel wildly blessed that somehow from another continent far away I found her 🙂 It really is one of the serendipities that gives me trust in life.

Thanks to Majestic, I developed a deeper relationship with both my spiritual self and my sensual self, and I now appreciate how interconnected they are!

I know that my sexuality is sacred and I feel so much freer in my body.

This has led to more ecstatic states of pleasure and intimacy, and a greater openness to life.

I feel more equipped to handle challenging emotions and the unknown.

Even when I struggle, I can reconnect with the part of me that knows I am strong enough to withstand all things AND that I am always supported by the universe.

I am more comfortable to explore new aspects of my sensuality and sexuality.

This is so empowering and also really fun! I have continued to let go of old stories that keep me small and haven't let them hold me back as much as in the past.

This is in part due to feeling so seen by Leen during the course and specifically during a hot seat coaching we did during a live call. She saw the best in me and it helped me FEEL it even more clearly in myself. I feel more connected to the universe and better able to surrender and lean into trust.


The teachings of Leen have literally changed my life. I gained so many insights and knowledge which I could apply straight away.

The combination of theory, practice and experiences helped me to find myself, my inner strength and inner goddess back!

The online platform helps to follow the course from anywhere at any time. The great advantage is you can revisit the content any time you feel like.

Majestic helped to get back in my body, to learn how to love and respect myself, my body and my feminine energy.


“I have to admit: I was in it for the full body orgasms… and it worked (hooray!) 😀

I'm not exaggerating when I say that my life is divided into A PRE-LEEN and POST-LEEN ERA.

Blockages were released and quietly everything started to flow and everyone around me benefited from my transformation.

I became a better mom, knew where I wanted to go with my business and dared to make decisions in the field of relationships.

Thanks to Leen, I feel safe in my own body today and I am well on my way to true self-love.” 

Your Regal Investment

Choose your path to majestic mastery from the following payment options:

Pay in Full


Payment Plan 1

4 x €350

Payment Plan 2

8 x €177

Sign Up Today and Receive A Juicy Special Bonus!

Sensual Dance Workshop with Team Sensuelle

As an added treat, you’ll receive exclusive access to a captivating dance workshop led by Team Sensuelle.

In this workshop, you’ll master the art of flirtation and seduction, honing your skills in the realm of sensual movement and dance.

Discover the secrets to captivatingly allure and enchant, whether it’s igniting a spark with anyone or everything (we’ll even focus on the fine art of seducing your partner).

Immerse yourself in a world of rhythmic expression and embodiment, as you explore the power of movement to ignite passion and connection.

Embrace your sensuality, embody your power, and reign as the Queen you are meant to be

A: If you feel excitement, a tingling AND also some nervousness and fear know that that is a good sign.

It means this program has something to offer you for your personal growth.

When there is transformation ahead, it is normal that a part of you gets scared of that transformation, as it is unknown.

Notice how you can hold both.

And then SAY YES if you notice how your desire for change is clearly present. Imagine how much it would “cost” to not change, thus to stay in the situation you are in:

Not being able to fully let go in pleasure & orgasm, not being able to hold yourself and your emotions in challenging times, a lack of feeling worthy, pleasing, needing external affirmation…

Imagine for a moment what it is going to feel like to release these -> Oh my god, goodness, right?

A: Majestic focuses on offering you the permission slip to feeling pleasure and your most difficult and rawest emotions in sex and beyond. The self-pleasure exploration is less explicit than in Beyond.

Majestic leads you into worthiness i.e. feeling less dependant on others to make you feel peaceful and self-confident.

Majestic will allow you to feel your soul, intuition, so you can connect to the power that is bigger than you and you can feel trust and know where and how to listen for the next steps in your life.

Beyond is the most in depth experience (other than 1:1 coaching) I offer.

It contains more information on the different orgasms, attachment styles and relationships. It comes with deeper (sexual) healing modules.

It is an orgasm expression and expansion journey. The difference is shown in the investment and duration.

Majestic is actually a PERFECT PREPARATION for Beyond (the next round of Beyond will probably start in February 2024).

Conclusion: you can do BOTH programs as they compliment each other. And as a participant of Majestic you will get a discounted price for Beyond. Yihaaa!

A: The minimum is 2 hours per week to either join the live session (which happens every 2 or 3 weeks) or do 30 minutes of journaling and 2 practices per week.

Of course, if you can, do more. Because the more you will show up, the more times you will do the practices, the more profound the results will be. This is obvious.

Trust that you have come to a point where you want to make this a priority and carve out precious time for yourself and how it will benefit your entire life.

A: Yes you will be able to digest some of these experiences in a very gentle way. If you have had recent trauma however, then I advise you to first work with a trauma expert. Don’t hesitate to write to me if you are not sure.

A: The live sessions of 90 – 120 minutes will be happening on the following days:

1. 18.09 Welcome Call 8 PM CET 
2. 25.09 LIVE CALL Module 1 – 8 PM CET
3. 16.10 LIVE CALL Module 2 – 8 PM CET
4. 06.11 LIVE CALL Module 3 – 8 PM CET
5. 27.11 LIVE CALL Module 4 – 8 PM CET
6. 11.12 LIVE Closing Call – 8 PM CET

Embrace your sensuality, embody your power, and reign as the Queen you are meant to be


“Leen is radiant, warm, loving, generous, vibrant, admirable, comforting, soothing, understanding, smart, extremely capable, knowledgeable, sweet, sensitive, heartwarming, dedicated.

She is a role model, a guide and a teacher. She makes me feel safe and contained.

Leen is one of the women that has most impacted me in my life. I am before and after Leen.

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