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A 3 part masterclass for women who want an orgasmic life.

Learn the 3 codes that make a woman attract everything she wants …


Become Magnetic

In this Masterclass you will learn:

    • How to create orgasmic aliveness that skyrockets your self confidence. 

    • Three dirty life hacks to become magnetic for all the things you want. 

    • My personal secrets that are often overlooked to create sexual energy flow.

    • To think less and feel more, soooo much more!

    • The three steps to being a wild woman: sexually free & wild, letting go of shame and vaginal pain & numbness. 

    • Secrets to feeling whole & complete so that you live from fullness instead of lack and neediness. 

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A masterclass for women who want an orgasmic life.

Learn the 3 codes that make a woman attract everything she wants …

At 8 PM – CEST Brussels/Amsterdam/Paris

7 PM – UK/Lisbon

1 PM – NY

11 AM – LA / Mexico city

or check your timezone here

*A replay will be sent to all registrants

Becoming magnetic is an inside job and during this masterclass you will learn:

Day 1 How to surrender to life

Our world is an intense place right now.


More than ever before there is no time to waste to create the life of our dreams.


The first day you will learn how and why you might have been sabotaging your own happiness and your own romantic relationships.


I will share 3 secrets to attract all the good stuff (men, orgasmic, unbelievable experiences) comes running at ya.

Day 2 The Wild Woman Revolution

It is time that you stop being a good girl, good students, perfectionists, control freaks. 


The world needs you wild and free.


Your kids need you wild and free.


Your partner needs you wild and free.


The wild woman revolution is your ticket to your life becoming an unapologetic fun and orgasmic celebration.

Day 3 Sexual Energy Secrets

Your sexual energy is your life force.

It is what makes you get out of bed and feel a “fuck yessss” for your life.


Learn how you can awaken your sexual pleasure circuits and become multi-orgasmic.


Oh! Did you know that your cervix can be orgasmic? Yes your entire sense of self will change once you discover the do’s and don’ts when it comes to cervical orgasms. 


My name is Leen.
I became a sex and relationship coach after having trial & errorred the cliché life of getting a degree, a steady job, a house.

Error indeed when that life was anything but fulfilling.
All weeks felt like the same. I could see myself continue like that until 65 and all of the sudden be like “wtf did just happen to my life!?”
Error when needing to suppress my naughty / wise / sexy / playful desires.
From a young age I knew life was supposed to be a delicious celebration.
I see every day how most of us forget that.
We find reasons to be unhappy.

We tell ourselves stories that keep us small.

We are afraid to use our voice to say: “no more” (abusive boundary crossing stuff) or “mooooore” (orgasms, cheese) or to just moan and roar like a tiger.

And no, you don’t need to quit your job/man/country to find freedom, joy + aliveness (even though sometimes it might be necessary to let certain people/security go).
You can find it inside yourself sweet woman.
So yes I am here to help you dive within.
I get off on your hidden depths and your dark shit (I am a double scorpio, so give it to me bb).
Using the truth detector and my favourite tool: the body.
Your body, emotions, sensations are your way into peace & bliss.
I have seen how pleasure & rapture open a woman up into the Sublime. Orgasmic Living is what I call it.
I want you to come hard.

I want to teach you how to activate your sexual energy so you create awesomeness everywhere you go.

Orgasms that crack you open.

In this masterclass you will get to vibe with me and I will share my secrets and errors creating the life of my dreams.
Voila that is me. I am super happy that you are here with me.”


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