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Learn 3 tantric ways to fill yourself up with pleasure and self-worth

Full body yessss for you being here my darling!

Full body yessss for you being here my darling!

High on Life my brand new masterclass is going to make you burst open into your own juiciness and self confidence.


Here is some shocking news: in my world you are allowed to get high on your own supply!


In my world,

that supply is sexual energy!


So I guess you can consider me your sexual energy dealer 😉


Because I will teach you how to unlock your own sexual energy.


Like gates that open and water all the parts of you that have been shut down and kept locked inside of your body and pussy: your delicious feminine desires, your need for sexual expression, your longing for surrender in bed, in life.


Here is some more shocking news:

I am a fellow junkie.


Sexual energy is THE thing that I tap into every day to feel great, confident, sexy, a badass creator of my dream life.


So hahaaaaaaa.


I am so so so excited for this brand new masterclass!

Recognise this?

• Feeling disconnected from your body, sexuality, pussy and pleasure


• You don’t enjoy sex that much, and therefore you don’t initiate sex often 


• You tone down your sexiness, you feel ashamed and afraid to express yourself, partly because you have had negative experiences 


• You feel tired often  


• Feeling like your pleasure, sexual or otherwise, is last on the list


• You have difficulties expressing what you want in bed, and in life


• Pleasing Peggy is a persona inside of you that often takes over and makes you say yes to things you don’t really want 


•  Your emotions can feel overwhelming, a rollercoaster


•  It is not easy for you to feel like you are enough just for being you, you feel you need to prove yourself, work hard, finish to-do lists, push to make things happen.

If you’re like: “yup that’s me” in one or several of these statements, then YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

Let me inspire and show you how to change this.

In High on Life you are going to:

• Understand why you might have been struggling to feel sexy 


• Get how you are sabotaging yourself to feel good every day


• Be guided into a live embodiment of 4 of my favourite archetypes that will create sexual wholeness and self-confidence


• Learn tantric secrets to transform heavy emotions into ecstatic states


• Learn how to have strong boundaries. Finally express what you want and don’t want in sex (and in life)


• My 3 pillars that every woman should know to live an orgasmic life!

is a FREE orgasmic workshop and party for women with pussies who are ready to come home in their sexuality and self-worth!

Yup, that means no matter what other people think or do.

Yup, that means no more pleasing and saying “sorry” all of the time.

High on Life takes place on:

Thursday, November 3rd at 7:30-9:00 pm

All times are in Central European Time.


If you can’t make the call live, no worries I got you, my love, I’ll share the recording with you.


I’ll bring the magic, transmission and tantric priestess vibes …

All you gotta do is:

→  Sign up and join us below FOR FREE

→  Prepare yourself for a juicy &  transformative experience

→  Show up with an open and curious mind and a willingness to connect with like-minded women, explore and have fun

You’ll walk away from this experience feeling super inspired and lit up within and with a renewed excitement for your sexual expression, your orgasmic life, your power and expression as a woman AND feeling more connected to like-minded women all over the world…

Are you in darling?